How to Guarantee Your Customers Will Spend at Least $1200 at Your Grocery Store This Year

As you read every word of this report you will be astonished to learn how easy it is to have customers come in and spend a minimum of $1200 at your store. Imagine what that could do for your business if you knew that you would have regular customers to spend at least $100 a month and probably much, much more. kroger hr express

You see the marketing minds at have teamed together with a list of 133 grocery companies that have realized the power of what I am about to explain to you.

In the next 2 minutes you are going to understand why you must integrate this simple marketing system into your store, whether you are a manager at Sam’s Club, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Winn-Dixie or even if you own your own small business grocery store you will all benefit from the genius of this simple promotion. Hey, even if you are an employee and tell your manager about this, there may be a big bonus in it for you.

You see, right now, it doesn’t matter to me where I shop for groceries. It may be Publix, it may be Kroger or Wal-Mart. If I have to do a big grocery shop, it is usually Wal-Mart. Why, because even though I can’t stand going in there, they have the best prices and just like everyone else, I want to save money.

But the fact is, if I had to choose, I would shop at Publix every day, because, in my opinion they have the cleanest stores with the best customer service. Wal-mart has the worst. So, what is going to get me to shop at Publix indtead of Wal-mart?

This is the question we asked ourselves and we came up with a marketing incentive that is so powerful, it gets repeat, loyal customers that are shopping at your store out of habit, even if you are more expensive than your competition or if they have to travel further to get to your store.

Can you picture the scenario in your store when a customer comes in and spends, let’s say $150. (You set your own amount). If you could give them $300 worth of grocery certificates when they did that, do you think the word would spread fast that Publix is giving away $300 worth of groceries if you spend $150 or more.

Now first, you will draw customers to your store. Second, they would spend $150 with you to receive the Grocery certificate. Third, the way this incentive is set up, that $300 of free groceries is split into $25 gift cards that the customer will receive once a month when they spend at least $100 and send the receipts in to us at

So, let me make that clear. This is a rebate program that is going to require your customers to send at least $100 worth of receipts from your store in order to get their $25 gift card for the month. Now, almost everyone spends $100 a month on groceries, but they may do it between a few different stores, depending on where they happen to be.

You have just given them the incentive to go out of their way and to come to your store so they can get those $100 of receipts. So, you are creating habit. If they are going to do this for a twelve month period, it will be so inbred in their system that they will continue shopping with you.

Now, if you are like me and have a big family, you are going to spend well over $100. It would be more like $800 for my family, and if I am in the habit of going to Publix, they are going to get my money instead of Wal-Mart.

I’m sure now you can see how this will work for your business. Imagine, for a moment that it is a month from today and you have been giving away $300 grocery certificates to your customers. Can you see the stream on new traffic you will have buying that initial $150 worth of groceries? Can you hear the conversations going on as other people wait in line and see the grocery certificates being handed out? Can you imagine the conversations taking place as wifes jump in the car and get home to tell their husband they have found a way to get $300 of free groceries?

Yes, word of mouth is going to spread this so fast that you had better put in extra orders to keep your shelves full.

The truth of the matter is, that whoever implements this simple and cost effective marketing idea is going to have a hugely successful year in sales, even when grocery prices are higher than ever and people are cutting back on what they buy. But, make sure you get their first in your local area, or you may just be on the losing end of this genius marketing plan.

You may already know that you are ready for this in your business today, but go now to [] to find out more and talk to someone about getting a Holiday discount.

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